Coffee and friends make the perfect blend


We are coffee lovers and we are looking for the best varieties since 2010

We have been dealing with coffee for over 15 years. So we know the quality of raw coffee in combination with the correct processing and care of the product, is what gives us the best results. Additionally, we try each variety separately to create blends with rich aromas. Therefore, we make each blend with special attention for moments of real enjoyment. In addition, we always choose the right packaging to keep all their characteristics unchanged until your mug. Coffee is a way of life!

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Luca Bonci

I have seldom tasted some of the best freddo on all these islands. A roasting pan, raw coffee bags and a powder grinder. We drink it cold, excellent, then we buy a bag of Greek coffee, freshly ground, which spreads a beautiful aroma that goes to the beach, much more effective than many signs.

Adva Chefetz

Best cold espresso in the Island and in all of Greece! Really appreciate their interest in blends, and the fact they are happy to explain about the process and the beans. For sure coming back every time we will be in Sifnos!

Ofer Hazut

Great cappuccino and super nice people!

Mathilde Pfeiffer

A wonderful oasis and atmosphere, good espresso, great hosts , peaceful, nicely decorated. You can also eat your breakfast, have a Greek salad, toast, baklava. Or a drink in the evening. This year also live music in the evening. Highly recommendable!

Evangelos Kottis

Nice espresso and perfect buns! You must visit it...

Marc Portabella

Definitely the best espresso on the island. With good views of Chrisopigi and some homemade sweets that you cannot miss. PS: Here you will be able to taste a coffee made by the winner of the best barista in Greece

Marina Marinaki

The espresso is excellent! Isabella and Konstantinos are unique! This place is an experience and definitely worth a visit! Pity we did not have time to go again, but next time on the island will be our priority! Thank you

Peer Pfeiffer

Definitely a super place. Extraordinary blends and fantastic small dishes fir breakfast, snacks and in the evening when you want to chill out with some desserts like Baklava, Kathaifi, ice cream etc. and a good drink, and on top of it often there is a (live) jazz trumpet session in the later evening. Top spot, worth every penny and 5 + stars


Don’t miss this spot if you’re going to Chrisopigi beach! The most amazing coffee-roaster and shop, serving the best espresso I’ve tried in Greece. Owners are also super friendly and accommodating - thank you for being one of the best spots we visited in Sifnos!

Giorgos Bakoulis

By far the best freddo espresso on the island! Its price and quality exceeds what we call beach coffee! Well done to the "guys" for their professional consistency and passion

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