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We have been dealing with coffee since 2010. Moreover, we have worked in catering, food management and guest service in recreational areas for over 15 years. We know that the quality of the raw material is what will give us the best result, in collaboration with the correct processing and care of the product.

In 2015 we were awarded in Italy for the proper processing and care of coffee as a barista.

The idea of roasting our coffee came right after!

We started at trial, with you as our judges , in a cafe beach bar in Platys Gialos of Sifnos.

Isavella Venaki

Founder and Owner
Way Cup Roaster

Was born in 1993 in Sifnos.
Studied Photography & Graphics Design. Coffee Blends & Aromas lover


Kostantinos Tsekouras

Head Barista
Coffee Blends Specialist

Was born in 1989 in Amaliada. Awarded barista in 2015
in Milano, Coffee Blends & Aromas expert

The beginning

Having only a small roasting machine of 300 grams / ~ 20 minutes, we managed to offer you over 100 kg of espresso coffee in a month! That meant countless hours of work, without counting our catering job at the time. But we did not give up, because it was one of our dreams, to be able to offer you today our own coffee, which we make with so much love for you!

So in 2019 we open our own coffee mill in Chrysopigi, Sifnos, with a machine of 5 kg / ~ 20 minutes, grinding mills of Greek or filter coffee and espresso. Inside where is our Summer Spot located, that operates only during the summer months.


We import coffee in Greece, from various countries around the world. (Brazil, Colombia, etc)

Moreover we always taste the coffee before we import a blend! We check its quality and we decide in advance if we like it and in which combination.

Please keep in mind that we do not use chemicals in its processing. That is why we keep a constant quality, with small challenges in taste. After all, coffee is a fruit, it cannot have exactly the same taste every year! Because the country of origin will change soon or later, we do not have many different blends from different countries. We choose the best blend that suits the reference point we have given!

We roast each coffee separately to highlight the positive elements that each variety has! We enjoy a cup before you to be sure that when it will arrive at yours, you will enjoy it even more…

From 2021 our coffee entered the capsules that are compatible with Nespresso machines *.

So we recommend them if you love espresso but do not like the whole process of making it at home…

* Trademark not directly or indirectly related to WAY CUP ROASTER

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